B3 Rook Swivel Stem Connector Olive Release

B3 Rook Swivel Stem Connector Olive Release

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The Rook is a proprietary design featuring a stainless steel load jaw and an anodized guide jaw. This system gives you the accuracy of a single jaw and the simplicity of a dual-jaw. The shape of the Rook is unique to B3 this year, it has an hourglass shape that will give you some more leverage to get your bow back in a hunting situation. The Rook comes with the new OD green standard size wrist strap and a golden swivel stem for a nice look. Our patented swivel connector on the Rook allows you to change the length up to 12 different length settings to fit any hand size. The head swivels 360 degrees and can rotate 360 degrees and lock into place to make for a quiet climb into your treestand.


  • Patented swivel connector
  • One anodized guide jaw
  • One black stainless steel load jaw
  • New curved trigger
  • Multiple length adjustments

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