Our Team

West Coast Archery Shop, Inc. is owned and operated by local couple Hans and Adrienne Olufs. They were both born and raised right here in Petaluma. Together they spend countless hours in the field bowhunting areas near and far. They have spent a lot of time hunting in Hawaii, Texas, several other western states, and all over California. They are passionate about bettering the archery community through education and opportunities. They support organized archery and host a large event for bowhunters called the Last Chance Broadhead Shoot each year. 

Rudy Sandoval is an amazing bow technician, professional target archer, bowhunter, and Level 4-NTS USA Archery Coach. During his free time you can find him shooting his bow at a local archery range, in the field hunting, or coaching his students. 

They all believe that time spent with family and friends is the most sacred time. They hunt and target shoot with family and friends often and live life enjoying every moment of it!