Mathews Quick Disconnect

Mathews Quick Disconnect

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Manufactured in partnership with Shrewd Archery, the Quick Disconnect is machined from 6061 aluminum with an anodized finish and comes in a zero and eight degree angle.

Includes matching barrel nut and 5/16″-24 x 3/4″ shcs. Features a 1″ outside diameter for a flush fit with all Mathews Flatline stabilizers. Made in the USA.


  • Quickly add or remove stabilizers for easy transport.
  • Mounts to front stabilizer bushing.
  • 0° Angle.
  • Includes:
  • Flush mount barrel nut.
  • 5/16"-24 x 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screw.
  • Features a 1" outside diameter.
  • Made in the USA.

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