Spot Hogg Hogg It MRT Sight 7 Pin CUSTOM PINS

Spot Hogg Hogg It MRT Sight 7 Pin CUSTOM PINS

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7 Pin in order top to bottom: .019 red, .019 green, .019 red, .019 yellow, .010 green, .010 red, .010 green.


If you liked the Hogg-It but felt it was more of a competition sight, then this is the hunting sight for you. We've done away with the dovetail mounting system and gave you a hard mount that mounts directly to the bow. No worries, it still has all the features of the Hogg-It sight on a hard mount. The micro-adjustable individual pins are a God send. With a vertical wire for gapping and a level built into the pin guard, who could ask for more? Spot-hogg does. A Round painted pin guard for additional accuracy, no-clamp gang adjustment, and 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. If you are serious about your shooting and want maximum adjustment and accuracy. Think Hogg-It or Hogg-It Hunter.


• New MRT Pin Guard
• No Clamp Gang Micro-Adjust
• Micro Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
• Solid 6061 Aluminum Constructions
• Rugged Hard Mount

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