Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL 2 Pin CUSTOM PINS

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL 2 Pin CUSTOM PINS

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2 Pin in order top to bottom: .019 green, .019 red.


Adjustable sight that borrows features from the Hogg Father sight, but in a much lighter and sleeker package. Features a rigid yet lightweight dovetail mount, micro-adjust 2nd and 3rd axis, and tool-less horizontal and vertical adjustments. Uses a silent, quick release locking yardage knob and click free yardage adjustment wheel. Made from 6061 aluminum.


  • Adjustable 2 pin sight
  • Rigid yet lightweight dovetail mount
  • Micro-adjust 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Tool-less horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Quick release locking yardage knob

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